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The Secret of Female Pleasure, Orgasm and Premature Ejaculation
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Solutions provided by the eBook

In this eBook, we show the different erogenous zones of the woman and the methods to better identify them, and we show how to use it during sexual act in order to give hight sensation or orgasm to your wife or girlfriend. We talk too how to stop premature ejaculation for men

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In this ebook we give simple and efficient methods

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Table of Content
Chapter 1: erogenous zones
- Back
- The lower abdomen
- The ear lobe
- The mouth
- Thighs
- Buttocks
- Breasts
Chapter 2: cunnilingus: the clitoris an easy way to your woman orgasm
Chapter 3: Kisses
Chapter 4: Massages
Chapter 5: Sensual words, electrifying words, words that ignite, sex-tchat
Chapter 6: Vaginal penetration and G-spot
Chapter 7: The mastery of ejaculation prolong the pleasure