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MONEY RITUAL_ In just 5 minutes
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Solutions provided by the eBook

firstly you can solve your financial problems in a few minutes by performing the ritual of converting paper into money
secondly you will be able to obtain from a genie a ring capable of making you guess the winning numbers of the lotto, to force a woman to give herself to you
thirdly you can multiply by a precise ritual your miney

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If you’re like me, you watched The Secret, attended seminars, and studied every other new-age and new-thought authors and teachers, but with little success. Eventually, I combined the different advice I’d received and started to receive what I’ve nick-named "Magic Money." But don’t get me wrong—this isn’t the woo-woo, Law of Attraction stuff you’ve heard before. Magic Money is practical prosperity that, when you practice it, works like a charm. And, it usually starts within 24 hours!

Once I started thinking, saying, and doing a series of practical actions on a consistent basis, I have never been without exactly what I needed. This Course shares everything I’ve discovered, including the exact process I used, and continue to use, to this day.

Many people fail at engaging in new ideas because they try to do everything all at one. I know from experience that taking small steps consistently over time is the true secret to success. Each book carefully takes you down your own path from lack to abundance with simple, easy to do action steps that make sense.

•Book One of this course, Beginning Magic Money, includes a 30-day Experiment. This experiment will eliminate your doubt once and for all. You’ll prove to yourself, once and for all, there is an abundance of everything you want and need (including money) available to you.

•In Book Two, Advanced Magic Money, I share next-level techniques and instructions for activating magic money into your life—along with money, clients, goods, services, and opportunities. You’ll know how to allocate your money to activate your own stream of magic money, now and forever. 

•Finally, in Magic Money Mastery, Book Three in the series, I’ll share my extra-special, high-level advice for how to effortlessly expand your abundance until your every desire and whim is granted almost instantaneously.

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