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Copy Your Way to Success
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In Copy Your Way To Success, you can learn some valuable lessons that will ramp up even your "non-guru" offerings and have other marketers looking to you in amazement.

You"ll discover how to get people lining up to order your new products.

Internet marketing gurus aren’t on top of their field because of luck . . . and in most cases, they aren’t there because of the right product, either. As you read this new book you"ll understand what really does set them apart from the 95% of marketers who are struggling online.

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Here Are Just Some Of The Things Inside Copy Your Way To Success:

    * Who knows how many sales are “missed by an inch?” The number is probably staggering. How can you take those “almost” and convert them into sales?
    * Three Internet marketing strategies Proven to work. It pays to understand a few of the time tested techniques for producing significant sales figures. All three of these have worked time and time again to create MASSIVE profits.
    * Today, the “buzzword” for many in the marketing business is “niche.” In "Copy Your Way To Success" you"ll discover the 5 simple steps to succeeding in any Niche market. (Follow these guidelines and give yourself a profitable edge over your competitors.)
    * It may not be as easy to become a “dot com” millionaire today as it was before the internet business bubble burst, but moneymaking opportunities are still everywhere. For example on page 14 you"ll get a dissected plan that could enable you to generate $140,000 in gross profits each year with a project that requires very little work after initial implementation.
    * Successful affiliate marketing.
    * Running your own profitable affiliate program.
    * Blogging for easy cash (even for the newbie)
    * How to successfully use sites like eBay to generate incredible profits.
    * How to double, triple or even quadruple the value of your info products.
    * How to generate extra revenue (in addition to traffic) with articles.
    * How (and why) you could be your own next product.
    * How to "ethically copy" and create order pulling sales copy.
    * Look we all know that very few win the internet marketing lottery and find themselves rich overnight. Usually, it requires consistent effort and a great deal of work to become a success.