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Your use of (purchase, publication, visit) on www.clicBooks.com (« the site ») and all of its parts are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTU):


- The site is provided by « clicBooks » and is destined for its registrated members (authors, visitors, buyers).
- Anyone using the site explicitely accepts to be legally bound to its GTU. "You" refers in these GTU to any visitor or member who has completed the registration process.
- The present GTU regulate the use of the site. If you do not agree with them, please leave www.clicbooks.com now.
- Each time you access the site or its administration panel, you declare to accept the GTU.
- If you register on the site as an author, customer or member, you agree with the following:
a. To provide during the registration process your personal information, precise, complete and true;
b. To update your personal information in order to keep it up to date and complete at any time;
c. If the personal information you provide proves to be incorrect, the site reserves the right to delete, to refuse you access the site or prohibit its use to you immediately;
d. That you are solely and entirely responsible for the propoer use of your account / login, either by you or a third person.
- The email address chosen during the registration process is at the same time your user name. User names or any other information that are in breach with the GTU or that are vulgar are not permitted.


a. You agree to only use one account for you or your organisation on clicbooks.com;
b. You agree to not indicate incorrect personal information, or to misappropriate the identity of other persons or entities;
c. You agree to not harrass, insult or disturb other members, authors or visitors of the site;
d. You agree to not save or collect personal information about other users of the site;
e. You agree to no publish on the site any content that is:
i. Violent, sadistic, illicite, damaging, indecent, intimidating, abusive, vulgar, spurring hate and violence, racist or ethnically discriminating
ii. Stolen or which is related to acts of fraud, money laundering or terrorism;
iii. Porn or pedophiliac;
iv. A risk for the safety or the integrity of other persons;
v. Infringing consumer protection laws or that can be considered unsolicited advertising, spam, unwanted email, pyramidal systems or any other form of prospection;
vi. Discriminating, especially but not limitating to sex, ethnic origin, religion, race or age;
vii. Confidential and you do not have permission to publish;
viii. intellectual property of someone else. It is forbidden to publish content on the site that infringes author's rights, and it is especially forbidden to distribute, copy or reproduce music, software, videos, works of artists or any other work that is protected by copyright and for which you do not have written and prior authorization by its proprietor;
ix. Damaging the image and the reputatio of clicbooks.com;
x. Containing virus, malware or any other software or code destined to interfere with the proper functioning of the site in any way;
f. You agree to not interrupt or bypass the site's security measures;
g. You agree to not post links to any other website.

- You accept that you are entirely and solely responsible for any content you publish, share, provide or sell on the site. clicBooks does not control contents, nor can guarantee the quality, correctness or integrity of the contents provided.
- You accept that your behavior on the site must be in accordance with the site's GTU at any time.
- You agree to not make available or sell on the site contents that you have not created yourself, or that infringe intellectual property laws.
- clicBooks reserves the right to delete, refuse or modify contents at their sole discretion if they are not in accordance with the GTU.
- You understand and accept that you use the site at your own risk and that you must assume all consequences that derive from its use. clicBooks is not responsible for the contents made available and you explicitely renounce to make claims against clicBooks for the contents on the site.
- clicBooks provdes the site "as is" and with the best intentions. It does not give guarantees of any order for the site, its services, its contents and its functioning.


- The sales price is determined by the authors, but it cannot be in any case be superior to the sales price charged on another platform than clicBooks. Any disrespect of the present clause results in the temporary suspension of the content until the sales price is corrected.
- The « special offer price » must be inferior to the sales price.


- The site charges 40% of the sales price of your contents at the moment of the sale, after deduction of the sales tax applicable in the country of residence of clicBooks. Bank and transaction fees, as well as fees for bank wires to authors' accounts, are paid for by clicBooks.


- The site reserves the right to carry out sales promotions with reduced sales prices for your contents. By registering on clicBooks.com as an author, you authorize the site to carry out the cited promotions.
- clicBooks carries out promotions with best intentions, but does not guarantee for any specific results.


- You accept that clicBooks does not have any responsibility for the deletion or storage errors of content that you have uploaded or published on the site.


- All software used on the site and in connection with the services and all of its contents (including but not limited to texts, graphics, photos, software, scripts, videos, music, sounds, information, applications) which is not content provided by authors, is the intellectual property of clicBooks or clicBooks licensees and is protected by intellectual property laws, as well as brands and international copyright laws.
- When uploading or publishing content on the site you grant Amorosart a global non-exclusive licence that allows for the advertisment and publishing of this content on the site.
- You are free to delete your own content from the site. With its deletion the licenses granted above expire.


- clicBooks is not responsible for practices and contents of third pary sites whose links appear on the site.


- clicBooks does not intervene in disputes between its members but reserves the right to do so.


clicBooks reserves the right to take all measures in order to avoid infringements of the GTU such as:
- a warning or request for correction of the contents published.
- the resolution of membership without prior notice
clicBooks can at any time modify or delete any content or take legal action following an infringement, real or suspected, or in case of any violation of laws or applicable regulations, or if the rights of clicBooks or a third pary are violated or threatened.


- clicBooks reserves the right to at any time modify, interrupt temporarily or permanently the site or one if its services of the site, with or without prior notice, and you accept that clicBooks is not liable to you or a third party for such an action.
- Your membership can be terminated at any moment by sending a message to info@clicBooks.com indicating your wish to end your membership.


- The information collected on the site are subject to use in our customer / prospect database destined for the administration and operation of the site. The user of this information is the sales department.

You are informed that you have a right to acces, correct or ask for deletion of your personal information. You can do this by sending a message to info@clicBooks.com.


- ClicBooks does not guarantee that:
a. the site or its services will function all the time;
b. the site or its services are secured, without errors, free of viruses or other things that can be hazardous or destructive;
c. the software, the contents or the materials on the site or its services are exact, complete, up to date, error-free or reliable;
d. all errors and deficiencies, apparent or not, will be corrected.

- You accept that clicBooks is not liable for losses, direct, indirect or consecutive ones. This excludes liability also for, but not limited to, economic losses, loss of customers, information, data or other intangible losses, that are in connection with your use of the site or the impossibility to use the site or on of its services provided on the site.
- You accept that clicBooks is not liable for loss or damage caused following loss of information or any content uploaded, published or sent by email using the site or its services;
- Each user is responsible for the content he or she publishes on the site. You accpet that clicBooks is not responsible for the quality of an eBook's content, neither of the veracity of the provided information, neither for direct, indirect or consecutive damage or loss due to the use of the site and the use of information provided in the eBooks sold on the site.
- You accpet that clicBooks is not liable for losses or damage caused by your omission to ensure the security of your connection data (e.g. not taking reasonable measures to avoid that someone else has access to your user account).


- These conditions and rules represent an agreement between you and clicBooks.
- clicBooks reserves the right to make changes, variations and modifications of the GTU. Any change will be published on the site, and it is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of and accept the current version of the site's GTU. Changes will be effective 24 hours after their publication on the site. The present conditions and your relationship with clicBooks is subject to the laws and courts in which resides clicBooks.


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