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Managing Abandonment Issues Through Recovery
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Solutions provided by the eBook

  1. Abandonment issues are clearly defined and many powerful clinical examples are used to describe typical out of control behaviors
  2. A gritty, practical, in depth, no holds barred study of 20 couples suffering mightily from severe abandonment issues
  3. Gut wrenching discussion of the author's own torturous struggles with abandonment issues and relationship addiction
  4. Intensive focus on the Recovery process and how to get and stay healthier
  5. Written in Mark Smith's popular, folksy, informal, jolting, humorous, insightful style
  6. Powerful, jarring, beautiful images that tell the emotional story of the book with a thousand unwritten words
  7. Written by one of the world's foremost experts on abandonment issues
  8. The creative added learning value of over 46 live links to life-changing multimedia podcasts, articles, Blogs, videos by Family Tree
    Counseling Associates Staff, books, movie scenes, music videos, etc. that greatly enhance the experience of the book.

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Detailed description

There is a world wide need for more knowledge, insight, leadership, compassion and writing on Abandonment Issues, one of the most powerfully impactful conditions of the 21st century. All of these qualities have arrived in the form of this desperately needed E-Book.

Reading this book will give you the insight, self-awareness and perspective to successfully manage your abandonment issues before they severely damage your life and your relationship. The book will also be your new bible when it comes to not reactively engaging in your
significant other's crazy abandonment dance. The knowledge that you gain from this book could save your marriage and greatly enhance and
enrich your life. I strongly believe that it is the most helpful manual on abandonment recovery ever written! It will help you tremendously.
Some most needed relief; direction and sanity are just a click away!

Abandonment pain is the deepest and most profound pain known to mankind. Most of you researching this topic know full well the emotional nightmares, high drama and excruciating pain associated with abandon issues. You are Googling 'abandonment issues' to get some help, direction and hopefully some much needed relief. You will find all of the above in this book. Many of you need help in dealing with the abandonment issues of your significant other while some of you suffer from this difficult debilitating condition your selves. Let me offer a disclaimer here – I’m not saying that people with abandonment issues ARE fire breathing dragons. They are good, otherwise sane, wounded people who need help and understanding. They are the people that we have chosen to have in our lives because we love them and because they represent the same qualities of the people who hurt us the most growing up. They have many wonderful qualities but they are far from being safe people. The fire breathing dragon is the abandonment issues themselves, NOT the person.

There are many different faces to abandonment issues and they are almost all ugly and damaging to relationships. These faces include the pouting husband who sulks around for days because his wife wasn't in the mood for sex when his infantile neediness demanded it, the reactive wife who embarrassingly ruins a family get together because her husband was just 10 minutes late, the boss who cannot fire an employee who just isn't getting the job done due to his neurotic inability to let go of people in his life, the tortured, irrational, raging, unforgiving husband who continues to punish his remorseful wife for her affair years or even decades later even though his distancing and lack of relationship with her was a major contributing factor in his affair, the husband whose repulsive whiny little boy neediness quite literally makes his wife want to throw up, the therapist who has not done their own work who insecurely manipulates and clings on to her clients, the wife who weeps uncontrollably an entire therapy session due to her husband's distancing, the girlfriend who has a complete meltdown as a result of her boyfriend innocently hanging out with his buddies for an evening, the 'helpful', intrusive, manipulative parent who can't let go of their adult children, the husband who freaks out when his wife so much as innocently jokes or is appropriately friendly with another man, the wife who verbally abuses her stepchildren because she is profoundly jealous of having to share her husband, or the spouse who shuts down and can't talk unless their mate gives them their 100% undivided attention. The main problem with abandonment is that when it comes up inside you, it takes you over. This experience is very much like becoming instantaneously drunk - impaired, reactive, defensive, out of control, irrational, stubborn and absolutely impossible to objectively hear. Think 'Incredible Hulk'. Abandonment issues cloud and distort reality. What you see seems so real, but it is actually a projection from within your own deeply wounded and abandoned soul.  

Simply put, abandonment issues are a consistent hypersensitivity to any and all perceived or actual distancing in a relationship. Most of the time what is seen as abandonment is only misperceived distancing. A person suffering from severe abandonment issues is constantly hyper vigilant about the possibility of being left behind in some way shape or form. They manufacture situations on their own minds where they have been abandoned. Unfortunately you can’t fix abandonment. It is not like a cancer that you can just cut out. It is way too deeply
embedded in the personalities of those who suffer from it. You can’t even manage it…UNLESS as the significant other you first see it,
understand it, name it, and handle it…non-reactively, calmly, and firmly. Abandonment issues are extremely tricky. They can be quite
subtle at time. You have to know what is really afoot to not ‘step in it’ royally. The person suffering from abandonment issues becomes
instantaneously drunk without taking in a drop of alcohol. Once the abandonment issue is triggered, the sufferer then makes everyone around them suffer too. They get really goofy and irrational. They cannot see reality. They are driven by a very little, very sad and very needy,
abandoned little child at the core of their being. Trying to argue with a person under the influence of abandonment is very much like trying to argue with a person under the influence of a great deal of alcohol. It is not advised and it is certainly not productive. It usually results in a great deal of emotional damage being done.


eBook summary

I. Introduction
II. Clinical Examples
III. The Author's Struggles With Abandonment Issues 
IV. Recovery From Abandonment Issues