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Welcome to the area of clicBooks exclusively reserved for our authors. As you already know, having acquainted yourself with clicBooks.com, our focus is always on catering to the needs of our readers in a fast-paced and changing world. We therefore work only with persons who have in-depth knowledge of a subject. We are always on the look-out for anyone who is capable of making their know-how, experience or education accessible and concrete to others. There is no end to the practical problems or goals that you as an author could help others attain; be it seduction, losing weight, juggling, getting a job, raising a dog, repairing a car or succeeding with that soufflé tonight. Quality is key on clicBooks, and constant ranking and commenting by our users quickly signals any abuses or mediocre information. To get the most out of this portal, and to instill confidence in your readers, it is therefore important that you fill in the Author Profile with as much care as possible. Letting readers know more about you is the first step to selling your eBook.

clicBooks.com takes a fee on the sales of your eBooks to cover all transaction cost and the taxes associated with the sale. This model makes it 100 % free for you to put your eBooks on offer and you can promote them on our page without any charge until you start making money. For easy handling, you will have access to a Euro account on clicBooks from which you may transfer your money to your personal account at any time. We remind you that the promotion of numerical content is an economic activity, and tax regulations apply differently depending on your country of residence.

All your books will be safely stored on a secure server and they cannot be accessed by any reader until after the payment.

When you have completed the registration, and your email address is validated you will gain access to clicBooks' espace auteur. Here you can easily add or change as many eBooks as you like and you are free to promote an illimted number of books simultaneously on clicBooks. We recommend that you fill in the Author Profile in as much detail as possible, including information about your experience or education as well as a portrait photo. You will also have access to a tool that allows you to follow up on your sales and the amounts of visits for each eBook.

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