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clicBooks, launched in 2012, is a portal aiming to link eBook authors with a broader net-based audience. Our goal is to not only supply a tool for eBook writers wishing to reach out to their readers but also to propose a wide range of high quality information and advice to readers worldwide. Our high-set goals can only be achieved by a thorough system of controls in which all authors are first selected and their books controlled. All eBooks on offer are then ranked and graded by their readers. This means that a high-quality book that is appreciated by the users will always be put forward and promoted on clicBooks. On the other hand, any texts of lower quality will be less visible, or even removed from the site.

In our rapidly changing world, the amount of information that any person has to access, process and learn to use is growing ever greater. People are today faced with many situations in which they need to act fast and on their own. The clicBooks team saw a need for easy access to reliable, high-quality information and advice that corresponds to your specific problem, all gathered in one place just when you need it. We are not trying to offer any solutions that work in theory, (where only 10% can be used in real life), but rather useful, concrete information - presented in a way that is easy to follow and in a format that is easy to use. Our goal is to save you some precious time, work, money or sweat while allowing you to rise above your own expectations and surprise those around you by achieving what you want.

Our authors are specialists in their respective areas and are selected because of their education, experience or because of their exceptional talent that they have developed over a number of years. But don't take our word for it - as a user of clicBooks it is easy to access each author's personal description where you can read more about their education, achievements and experience. This allows you not only to know more about our authors but also to decide for yourself who can give you best possible advice. ClicBooks is a project largely based on the participation of our users, we offer 100% transparency on our authors and books and we invite our readers to give their own opinion.