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Quinté : 10 tactics of pros
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Solutions provided by the eBook

old methods improvement, the news is gleaned from the racetrack with better performance and percentages

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1. avoid walkers who go to the fault twice
2. Avoid systematically play the favorite driver
3. handicap trotting relate more
4. Play a horse that just won
5. No reason to avoid doing their horses back
6. The success of the favorites is the same all year
7. In a flush +, the value does not expect the number of years
8. Coaches-drivers are not favored
9. obstacles, made more confidence in certain numbers
10.Protect too logical series and selections

eBook summary

10 unreleased profitable systems for winning at simple game in tiercés trotting, flat and obstacles. Without any financial management. All these systems gleaned from the racetrack and are cost effective as well as simple winning game placed. They are very easy to apply and the method takes less than 5 minutes in trotting tiercés 2 minutes in flat tiercés 2 minutes in obstacle tiercés. General balance sheets placed simple game without any financial management: Average yield: 125% Average success: 70%